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Gabriel H. Avina is an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney, who can help you handle a misdemeanor or felony charge. In his years as a criminal defense lawyer, Gabriel has handled many different types of criminal cases, from simple traffic violations and traffic trials to serious DUI charges, as well as criminal charges of graffiti and vandalism, assault and battery, or drugs and weapons offenses and more.  

Gabriel can help you understand how California criminal courts work and can help you understand the process of a criminal case in California.

Whether you are already charged with a crime or are concerned that you may soon be charged and prosecuted, Gabriel can provide a criminal defense strategy that can make a huge difference in the outcome and the lasting consequences of your criminal case. Not only will he fight for you, but he knows how to get results, in any of the following types of cases:

Here's What You Need to Do

Driving under the Influence (DUI) - California Vehicle Code Section 23152
Suspended License - California Vehicle Code Section 14601
Hit and Run - California Vehicle Code Section 20001
Traffic violations - California Vehicle Code
Vandalism - California Penal Code Sections 594-625c
Theft - California Penal Code Sections 484-502.9, also see Sections 466-469
Embezzlement - California Penal Code Sections 503 -515
Forgery and Counterfeiting - California Penal Code Sections 470 -483.5
Robbery - California Penal Code Sections 211-215
Burglary - California Penal Code Sections 458-464, also see Sections 466-469
Assault - California Penal Code Sections 240-248, especially 240-242
Battery - California Penal Code Sections 240-248, especially 243-244
Domestic violence - California Penal Code 240-248 (above), for spouses Sections 273.8 - 273.88
Sex Crimes - California Penal Code Sections 261-269, also see Section 243.4 in 240-248 (above)
Resisting arrest - California Penal Code Section 148a1
Evading the police - California Vehicle Code Section 2800.1

Drug offenses - California Health and Safety Code Sections 11350 -11356.5
Weapon offenses - California Penal Code Sections 17500 - 17515, also Sections 12001 - 12022.95
Petty Theft with a Prior - California Penal Code Section 666
Three Strikes - California Penal Code Section 667
Probation violation - California Penal Code Sections 1203-1203h

If you have been arrested or if you are facing criminal charges, Gabriel is ready and willing to consult you on your criminal case. Call (323)299-1664 or email to set up a FREE CONSULTATION with Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Gabriel H. Avina.

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