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Yelp! Reviews

"Love this guy. He is a straight shooter and has been helping me with a couple of tickets.  Thanks Gabriel!"
-Dane R.

"Worked with Gabriel recently to help solve a minor traffic ticket. He was efficient, honest, and straightforward. I like that in a lawyer. Thanks to Gabriel, my ticket was ultimately dismissed. Highly recommend" -Justin S.

"Straight to the point, knows the law, gave me amazing guidance right away and honest....yes, I said honest. Gabriel is someone to keep in your list of contacts. Truly grateful!! :D" -Jane M.

"I have used the Law Offices of Gabriel H. Avina for more moving violations than I care to admit.  Mr. Avina provides professional legal services at reasonable rates. He explains each step of the legal process and is always available to answer." -Mig O.


  1. you are wonderful... I just spoke to a dr. who is
    also historian of sorts. He said without drawn blood there is no proof. Case&point..
    Edward Kennedy CHAPPAQUIDDICK,Mass.
    Car and girl in lake.. Kennedy shows up over 24 hrs later. left the scene. A controversy, no proof.
    I totally believe in you.Even with witnesses, if someone is falling down. Could be affraid. no proof. that is a fact that you are aware of. You will have wonderful attorney. Your reviews will be a wonderful tribute to your ability.