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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Resisting Arrest & Public Intoxication Charges Dismissed!

On the eve of a four day jury trial, I finally was able to get the City Attorney for Santa Monica to completely dismiss the entire case against my client at the LAX Courthouse today. 

Most attorneys would have convinced their client to accept the offer from the City Attorney, which was plead guilty to only one count of Resisting Arrest with no jail time, no probation and no fine.  It's a good offer.  I advised my client to not take it. 


Because he was innocent.  And as much as I tell prosecutors that my clients are innocent, I'm still always surprised by their cynical chuckles. 

During the negotiations, it took me to actually explain my entire trial strategy to the City Attorney to get the proposed offer, which caused him to actually travel to the location of the incident, and to see for himself that the Santa Monica Police Department officer was lying in his police report. 

Of course the City Attorney didn't explicitly acknowledge this fact.  "There seems to be several discrepancies in the report," he said.  "Discrepancies?" Pah.  More like Constitutional violations.  After informing the City Attorney that my client would reject the offer, the City Attorney then stated he would dismiss the entire case instead.

In other words, my client was right.  He was innocent.  And after several motions and 3 months of legal work, his case was completely dismissed. 

This is what lawyers do.  We fight.  When other people laugh at your innocence, good lawyers prove you right.

If you need a lawyer, call me.  I don't chuckle if you say that you're innocent.  I listen.  Then I fight. 

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