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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Deposition Tips

A party chooses to hold a deposition in hopes of obtaining valuable information to use in their case.  Depositions are comprised of questions and answers, where the party who requested the deposition usually asks the questions and the opposing party answers.  Depositions have to be under oath and are recorded through audiotape and/or video recording.  Understandably so, one may not know what to expect at a deposition, especially if he/she has never been to one.  However, there is no reason to worry. We, at the Law Offices of Gabriel H. Avina, have come up with a few tips on what to expect in order to help you through the deposition process.
  • The deposition starts out with the person operating the recording device stating:
    • His/her name and business address;
    • His/her employer's name and business address;
    • Date, time, and place of the deposition; 
    • Name of the case;
    • Your name;
    • Who's deposition is being taken; and
    • If there are any stipulations of the parties.
  • Remember you will be under oath, so the administration of the oath will be recorded.
  • After the preliminary statements are taken and you have taken the oath, the questions regarding the case will begin.  
  • As long as the deposition does not take an extraordinarily long time, the time for how long they can last varies, so be prepare to be in a deposition for an hour or two. 
  • After the questioning has finished, concluding remarks are given by the operator and the deposition will be over.
  • When the deposition is over, if you want a copy of the deposition you may request a transcript. 
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