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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Deposition Tips

A party chooses to hold a deposition in hopes of obtaining valuable information to use in their case.  Depositions are comprised of questions and answers, where the party who requested the deposition usually asks the questions and the opposing party answers.  Depositions have to be under oath and are recorded through audiotape and/or video recording.  Understandably so, one may not know what to expect at a deposition, especially if he/she has never been to one.  However, there is no reason to worry. We, at the Law Offices of Gabriel H. Avina, have come up with a few tips on what to expect in order to help you through the deposition process.
  • The deposition starts out with the person operating the recording device stating:
    • His/her name and business address;
    • His/her employer's name and business address;
    • Date, time, and place of the deposition; 
    • Name of the case;
    • Your name;
    • Who's deposition is being taken; and
    • If there are any stipulations of the parties.
  • Remember you will be under oath, so the administration of the oath will be recorded.
  • After the preliminary statements are taken and you have taken the oath, the questions regarding the case will begin.  
  • As long as the deposition does not take an extraordinarily long time, the time for how long they can last varies, so be prepare to be in a deposition for an hour or two. 
  • After the questioning has finished, concluding remarks are given by the operator and the deposition will be over.
  • When the deposition is over, if you want a copy of the deposition you may request a transcript. 
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Friday, June 1, 2012

George Zimmerman's Bond Revoked: Credibility and Impeachment

This afternoon news outlets have reported that George Zimmerman's bond has been revoked for deceiving the court regarding his finances and the fact that Zimmerman possesses a second passport.

Los Angeles attorney  Gabriel H. Avina says that this incident could be significant as the prosecution of George Zimmerman moves forward because it could be used by prosecutors in future proceedings to impeach Zimmerman.

Impeachment in legal proceedings is the process of discrediting the a witness, for example by catching that witness in a lie or demonstrating that the witness has been untruthful in the past. When an attorney impeaches a witness during questioning before the court, this results in undermining the credibility of the witness in the eyes of those charged with determining the facts of a case (either the jury or the judge in a bench trial). When the credibility of a witness is undermined, this casts doubt on the accuracy or authenticity of the evidence from that witness.

As George Zimmerman's case moves forward, the prosecution may be able to find ways to use the misrepresentations of Zimmerman to the court in this bond incident to impeach Zimmerman's credibility before the court or before a jury. The prosecution could use this incident as a useful tool to cast doubt on Zimmerman's version of events in this case.

Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Attorney

Motorcycle accidents are different from most personal injury accidents. Not only are motorcycle accident causes and liability sometimes different than other types of accidents, but also the type and extent of property damage and personal injury that result from motorcycle accidents differ from other types of accidents. Property damage to motorcycles and personal injury to the rider can often be more extensive than other types of accidents.

If you have been injured in a traffic accident, legal representation can help you recover adequate compensation for your injuries. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, then a lawyer who understands motorcycles can better understand how your motorcycle accident occurred and the extent of the damage to your motorcycle. 

Los Angeles lawyer Gabriel H. Avina has been riding motorcycles since before he could drive a car. Starting on dirt bikes as a kid, Gabriel now owns only motorcycles, which he rides daily. As an attorney who rides motorcycles himself and has been involved in motorcycle accidents himself, Gabriel understands motorcycle accident issues, such as liability, mechanical and structural damage to motorcycles, and the extent of injuries to the rider that can occur.

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