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Thursday, May 24, 2012

California Jury Instructions are a Free Online Legal Resource

If you are involved in civil or criminal case, Los Angeles lawyer Gabriel H. Avina recommends the California Jury Instructions as a good and FREE resource to help you understand the law. The jury instruction forms are composed by the Judicial Council of California to be a concise and plain language description of the law as applied to all types of civil and criminal cases. The court uses these jury instruction forms as templates to instruct each jury before deliberation on the law as applied to the case that jury heard.

Since these jury instruction forms are a plain language description of the issues that a jury ultimately decides, they are a good reference to understand the legal and factual issues that are important to your case. Judges and attorneys routinely use these forms as a reference 
for both civil and criminal cases.

These forms are also a rich legal resource because below the template instructions there are also notes on “Directions for Use” and “Sources and Authority,” which explain how the instructions should be understood and used, as well as references to the related statutes and case law.

The Jury Instruction Forms from Judicial Council of Californian can be found FREE online on the California Courts website.

The civil jury instructions include forms that cover personal injury topics for car accidents, motorcycle accidents, pain and suffering, and negligence, among other topics. These civil forms also include topics in contract law, insurance law, discrimination law , civil rights, damages and more. The criminal jury instructions cover felony criminal cases and misdemeanor criminal cases, including Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

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